Idaten Jump (Partially Found Anime Series + English Dub; Mid 2000s)

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Idaten Jump
A screenshot from Hasbro's website proving that at least some episodes were once available online.
A screenshot from Hasbro's website proving that at least some episodes were once available online.
Status Partially Found

Idaten Jump is an anime that was broadcast in Japan from October 1, 2005, to September 9, 2006. It lasted 52 episodes in its Japanese run. However, only 26 episodes were dubbed into English.


These episodes were released by Hasbro and aired on Cartoon Network in America and YTV in Canada, in hopes of creating a new popular toy line and anime franchise (unfortunately, the marketing failed as Cartoon Network pushed the show to a 5 am time slot). Both networks completed the full 26-episode run. However, no DVDs were ever released of the show in English. Japanese DVDs are exceedingly rare, and due to the show's low popularity in North America, there are slim to no online recordings of the show in English or Japanese.


However, later episodes of the show have been discovered thanks to a fandom in India, where the show regularly airs on the channel Sonic-Nickelodeon. However, these episodes are dubbed in Hindi. Only the first episode of the English dub has appeared online, though there is photographic evidence that some episodes were available on the Hasbro site, despite the show's failure in late 2009.



Anonymous user #1

8 months ago
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I remember watching like maybe two episodes of this series. I actually really liked it a lot, and wanted to see more, but yeah, it only came on at five in the morning when I couldn't really stay up that long. I figured that it wasn't very popular and Cartoon Network just decided to erase it, but I didn't know it can't even be found on Japanese DVD. Too bad.


7 months ago
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I remember seeing this back as a kid on bandai's site. Sadly I didn't record nor really cared about the series. My bro would watch Transformers from there (and I think I even recorded one or two eps from their site of transformers)


4 months ago
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Someone posted the Japanese DVD ISOs on Nyaa: https://www....p;tid=787629

Anonymous user #2

3 months ago
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i remember this aired on south americo, on fox kids or his successor jetix. im chilean and i clearly remember the dub and promos
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