It's Itsy Bitsy Time! (found Fox family TV show; 1999)

It's Itsy Bitsy Time!
Show logo.
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Status Found
Date found April 4, 2015
Found by Jorge Anorve

It's Itsy Bitsy Time! is a 1999 children's TV show that aired on the Fox Family channel from September 1999 until sometime in 2001. The show hosted several children's cartoons from across the world, including 64 Zoo Lane, Tom and Vicky, The Animal Shelf, Budgie the Little Helicopter, and Charley and Mimmo.

Preview Promo VHS

Up until March 27, 2015, YouTube user "ThatGuyWithTheVHS" held a copy of a preview screening VHS of It's Itsy Bitsy Time! (available especially through the Fox Family channel) on YouTube. However, as of March 27, 2015, his account has been terminated, and his videos are no longer available for viewing. The tape appeared to be available for sale on (link to the tape in the "References" section), perhaps years or even over a decade ago but has been unavailable for purchase for quite some time.

Actual Episodes

On April 4, 2015, Vimeo user Jorge Anorve uploaded an actual episode of It's Itsy Bitsy Time! from a 2000 Fox Family Channel airing. Citing concerns over video length and potential copyright claims, Anorve uploaded only the intro, the transitions, and the ending credits. Regardless of any potential concerns, all cartoons and live-action shorts that have appeared on It's Itsy Bitsy Time! are available on YouTube.


Intro, transitions, and credits.


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14 months ago
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A couple of segments on Itsy Bitsy Time were originally from the British kids show ZZZap!. One of them was Smart Arty which they renamed Art to Art with Arty Art, and they also had the Handymen. The logos are used in this video: https://www....=roWAoukP3cw

You can find lots of ZZZAp sketches online.

Smart Arty: https://www....=XoJ91XZLwe4

Handymen: https://www....=Yuv3P4nTDhE

Anonymous user #1

4 months ago
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I don't know if anyone still cares, but the preview vas tape is available on Amazon from two sellers for 49.99$


2 months ago
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No wonder I couldn't find any clips from it up until a couple years ago. I have some pretty solid memories of the show when I was a kid.


11 days ago
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If I recall correctly, Big Guy and Rusty aired on the same channel as this.

Anonymous user #2

10 hours 48 minutes ago
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Big Guy and Rusty aired on Fox Kids

Anonymous user #2

10 hours 49 minutes ago
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Wow I think I had a vhs tape of this as a kid. It looks familiar
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