Jackass Number Two: Don Vito Tooth Pull Stunt (partially found deleted scene; 2006)

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Don Vito JN2 Tooth Pull Stunt
Status Partially Found

In the trailer for the 2006 movie Jackass Number Two, a brief clip is shown where Don Vito is sitting down with a string tied to one of his teeth, with the other end being connected to a car. In the trailer, it cuts away right before the tooth is pulled out. It was expected to be in the movie, but due to legal issues surrounding Don Vito at the time, MTV Films and Dickhouse Productions made the decision to remove any trace of Don Vito from the movie. The video footage never surfaced, and no other footage has been released. It is assumed that either MTV Films or Dickhouse Productions still have the missing scene.


The trailer in question. Footage of Vito's stunt is at 1:00.



Anonymous user #1

7 months ago
Score -1++
I vaguely remember seeing this, was broadcasted fine at the time, haven't seen this movie in years

Anonymous user #2

5 months ago
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Strange. I think my dad might have had the stunt on DVR at one point, because I do remember seeing it on TV, but we haven't had the DVR for years.

Anonymous user #3

5 months ago
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It was used widely on commercials but wasn't ever in any format of the movie.

Anonymous user #4

2 months ago
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They also have audio of the aftermath of the stunt on the films official soundtrack. Track 10 "Your Teeth Look Like"
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