Jurassic Park Trilogy (partially found deleted scenes of action-adventure films; 1993-2001)

Jurassic Park I-III (deleted scenes)
A still from a deleted Jurassic Park scene.
A still from a deleted Jurassic Park scene.
Status Partially Found

The first three films in the Jurassic Park franchise had a number of scenes that were shortened or removed completely. Of the many reported scenes that have been cut, few have surfaced online. However, four scenes in total-two from Jurassic Park and two from The Lost World-have surfaced.

The two scenes from The Lost World, which were on the DVD release as special features and on television broadcasts, were the boardroom scene featuring Ludlow holding a meeting to fire his uncle (John Hammond) and a scene where Roland and Ajay had a conversation that would've added more depth to them. The two Jurassic Park scenes are a quick, soundless clip of Dr. Sattler grabbing a leaf and a guerilla-style "behind-the-scenes" shoot of one where Hammond talked about the kids' parents being divorced. These scenes can be viewed below.


Jurassic Park scenes
The Lost World scenes

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