Kid Kirby (cancelled SNES Kirby game; 1990s)

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Kid Kirby
Concept artwork for the game.
Concept artwork for the game.
Status Lost

Kid Kirby was a cancelled Kirby game that would have been developed by Scottish developers DMA Design. Ltd. (now known as Rockstar North). The game was to feature an infant Kirby, sporting a pink curl. It also would have been controlled by the SNES mouse.

Not much else is known about the game in general, but it was likely cancelled due to the poor sales of the SNES mouse, and the game reportedly not functioning well with it.[1]. As a result, the game was cancelled and has not been dumped online in any way. Out of all the unfinished Kirby games, this one has the least information available, with only a few sprites from the game being available[2].


  1. Unseen 64 article
  2. Various sprites from the game




11 months ago
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In the flicr link what are the other pictures that appear? Are they also from Kid Kirby?


7 months ago
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They are sprites from the supposed game kid Kirby


15 days ago
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Existence Unconfirmed?

Anonymous user #1

14 days ago
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Are you serious?
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