Kingdom Of The Sun (partially found cancelled original version of "The Emperor's New Groove" Disney animated film; late 1990s)

Kingdom of the Sun (precursor of "The Emperor's New Groove")
The film it became.
The film it became.
Status Partially Found

Kingdom of The Sun, also known as Kingdom In The Sun, was an animated Disney film due to be released in Winter of 2000.

It was heavily modified to ending up becoming The Emperor's New Groove, sharing only a few characters and plot elements with the original project (along with the Inca civilization theme).

Original premise

The protagonist is Pacha, an eighteen year old llama herder voiced by Owen Wilson. Pacha meets Emperor Manco, with whom he looks and sounds identical to. They decide to switch places in order to let Manco take a break from his royal duties.

A romantic plot involves Nina, Manco's fiancée, falling for Pacha. Yzma is a sorceress and member of the Royal Court who longs to be young and beautiful like she was years prior. She creates a plan to block out the sun, which has caused her to get wrinkles. Her sidekick is a talking talisman known as Hucua.

Yzma turns Manco into a non-talking llama at one point but he becomes a minor character after that, instead of being the focus point of the movie. The climax involves Yzma summoning a dark force called Supai to engulf the kingdom, but ends up ultimately being killed by the sun, which Pacha lassoes and pulls down to Earth. 


The movie had several delays and executives weren't fond of it, partly because the "Prince and Pauper" plot was considered too cliché.

Eventually, it was decided to scrap the plot and heavily rework the film from a dramatic musical to to a buddy comedy: The Emperor's New Groove

At least 20 percent of the animation was complete and the entire story was created but only a few scenes have been leaked, via the documentary The Sweatbox. In addition to the plot being scrapped, every song from the movie was cut; despite this, Yzma's antagonist song, "Snuff Out The Light", was included on the official soundtrack. The song "One Day She'll Love Me," which was also from the original film and is sung by Sting and Shawn Colvin, was also included on the soundtrack.

As of right now the entire "Sweatbox" documentary is available on Vid.Me.[1]


  1. The entire documentary. Last retrieved 11 Mar '15




12 months ago
Score 5++
I found a few frames-lineup in someone demoreel. Here it is -


8 months ago
Score 0++
Wow, that's actually really cool!


11 months ago
Score 2++
Here's a petition to get Disney to release the workprint of the film. https://www....un-workprint


10 months ago
Score 3++
So glad they didn't go with the original ideas! The final print was great!


8 months ago
Score 0++
One of my childhood movies along with Cars and Chicken Little


5 months ago
Score 1++
I would love to see the original version, but at the same time, I'm really glad they reworked it, since The Emperor's New Groove is a fantastic film. I felt really bad for the crew when watching The Sweatbox, though, as they seemed far more passionate about the original version than about what the film eventually became.


5 months ago
Score 0++
Story sounds a little bit creepy

Anonymous user #1

2 months ago
Score 0++
Someone who worked on this film came to talk at our school. He actually showed us some early animation tests, but he wouldn't let us take any pictures or video.
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