Kowloon's Gate (lost English version of Playstation game; 1996)

Kowloon's Gate (english version)
The game's cover.
The game's cover.
Status Lost

Kowloon's Gate is a 1996 PS1 first person adventure game produced by Sony Music Japan released exclusively in the Japan.[1] It features FMV cutscenes through a cyberpunk take of the historic Kowloon Walled City. The game was a hit in Japan, even sparking a real-life amusement complex recreated and modeled after the look of the game.[2]

An English trailer for the game surfaced, originating from Disc #94 of Ultra GamePlayers magazine, suggesting an English localization was planned. Some people have reported that only 20-30 translated copies ever existed.

Either way, no English copies of Kowloon's Gates have ever surfaced.


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  2. Article on the amusement park



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7 months ago
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The video for this entry is dead.

Anonymous user #2

1 months ago
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It isn't dead. I just want people watching it on YouTube instead of linking it through sites so I can track who's watching it.
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