La planète de Donkey Kong/DKTV (Lost French Programming Block; 1996-2001)

La planète de Donkey Kong/DKTV
DKTV title card.
DKTV title card.
Status Partially lost

Not to be confused with the Donkey Kong Country animated television show, DKTV was a programming block that aired in France from 1996 to 2001. The block was first introduced as La Planète de Donkey Kong (The World of Donkey Kong) and wrapped around various children's cartoons such as Beetlejuice, The Addams Family, and Reboot with short segments. These included fake commercials, movie parodies, and music videos. However, due to the nature of programming blocks, these segments can now only be found on home video recordings.

MediaLab shows off the technology used to bring Donkey Kong to life.

MediaLab Technology, the team behind DKTV, was also responsible for the television series. Because of this, both DKTV and DKC shared many assets such as models and animation. However, many unique characters were simply reskinned models and the voice actors used between the two series differed. The segments themselves mostly involved the Donkey Kong Country characters interacting in real world environments and with actors in a style similar to Who Framed Roger Rabbit. The most prevalent being Donkey Kong hosting the segments alongside Mélanie Angelie, a French sitcom star.

A few segments of DKTV have been uploaded to Youtube, but the available footage is still limited.

A 40-minute collection of DKTV footage.
A segment of DKTV involving insecticide.
"Fréquence Kong " DKTV segment.


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