Lamborghini (cancelled Xbox/PS2 racing game; 2003)

Title screen for Lamborghini.
Title screen for Lamborghini.
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Lamborghini was a cancelled racing video game that was developed by Rage Software and would have been published by Majesco Entertainment.

A playable demo of the game was included in German/UK issues of the official Xbox Magazine. The motive for cancellation was Rage's bankruptcy in 2003. The game's assets were eventually sold and reused for the racing game Juiced, developed by Juice Games (which was founded by ex-Rage Software employees).[1][2]


As the title implies, the game would have exclusively featured Lamborghini cars, such as the Countach and the Murciélago. The tracks seem to revolve around urban environments in real locations. It would also have included a wide variety of game modes.


Demo gameplay.


  1. Unseen64's article on Lamborghini.
  2. Sixthgengaming thread on the game.



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