Lisa (found English dub of Swedish animated series; late 1990s)

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A still from Lisa: at the dentist.
A still from Lisa: at the dentist.
Status Found
Date found Sept. 9th, 2015
Found by Dycaite

Lisa is a Swedish animated series made by Happy Life Animation that tells the story of a young girl and her interpretations on what goes on in her world, as she solves problems in her own unique way.

The show had an English dub that was made in the United Kingdom, which aired on Nick Jr. alongside Bob The Builder, Wildlife, and James The Cat. It later aired in the early to mid-2000's on HBO Family and on ABC Australia in between shows.

While most of the series can be found in its native Swedish language, only one episode has shown up on the Internet in English until LMW admin Dycaite found a VHS copy titled Lisa's Space Adventure with included all dubbed episodes and released it on September 9, 2015, for Found Media Week. It can also be downloaded here.


Lisa's Space Adventure.
Lisa: at the dentist.
A promo featuring a bit of the show's English dub.




11 months ago
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Omg! Magnus Carlsson! I notice that he created Robin! Robin is better

Lisa is good btw


10 months ago
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Da Mob! Another show created by Magnus Carlsson and the episodes were found but it is in russian and I was trying to look for the english version of the episodes and that show use to aired on ABC Family in about 2002 to 2003.

Anonymous user #1

13 days ago
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Well, seeing this again feels so weird. I don't remember when or how I saw it, but I remember it. I'm from Mexico so I think it was also dubbed to Spanish. Can't remember for sure, though.
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