Little Shop (Partially Found Episodes of Animated TV Series; 1991)

Little Shop
Little Shop title card, featuring "Junior".
Little Shop title card, featuring "Junior".
Status Partially Found

Little Shop was a French-American Television Series that aired on Fox & La Cinq (a defunct French Television Network) in 1991, inspired by the Broadway musical Little Shop of Horrors, which was based on the 1960 movie The Little Shop of Horrors (which also got a now-more-famous 1986 remake).


The show was about Seymour Krelborn, an adolescent, self-proclaimed nerd who works in a little flower shop owned by Mr. Mushnik. His daughter, Audrey, is the love of Seymour's life, yet she doesn't seem to notice, or even understand his affections. Also there's a bully named Paine Driller who constantly targets Seymour in his bullying. Seymour also has a pet flytrap named Junior. Junior was once a 200 million year old seed until he was found by Seymour in a junk yard. Once he was cared for by Seymour, he sprouted into a Venus Flytrap that raps and talks in hip-hop dialect. Unlike the musical, he's on Seymour's side and also has eyeballs.

The horror elements that were in the musical & movie adaptations were cut, as Little Shop was a children's show.


While the credit for the concept for this adaptation is given to Ellen Levy & Mark Edward Edens, the show was created by Jean Chalopin (best known as the founder of DIC Entertainment & the co-creator of Inspector Gadget), and was produced by animator Tom Tataranowicz (who first did animation for He-Man and the Masters of the Universe).


Little Shop ran for only 13 half-hour episodes until it ended only two months after its premiere in September of 1991.

As of January 16, 2015, only three episodes of the show (the pilot episode, titled "Bad Seed", the 4th Episode "Unfair Science", and the 6th Episode "I Loathe a Parade") are known to be publicly available, due to VHS recordings that were subsequently uploaded to YouTube.

On September 19th, 2015, a YouTube user Joey Bridgehouse uploaded a VHS quality rip of "It's a Wonderful Leaf". The episode is in german with the title changed to "Ein schlimmer Traum" ("A Bad Dream"). The premise is a typical spoof of Frank Capra's It's a Wonderful life. Nearly a week afterwards, Youtube user VHS Land of Videos uploaded an incomplete VHS quality rip of "Air Junior", including some of the original commercial breaks. An italian video containing scenes of unsurfaced episodes can be found here.

The 9th Episode of Little Shop "It's a Wonderful Leaf" in German.
1 Bad Seed FOUND 1 2 3
2 Real Men Don't Eat Quiche Lost
3 Back to the Fuchsia Lost
4 Unfair Science FOUND
5 Stage Blight Lost
6 I Loathe a Parade FOUND
7 Air Junior Incomplete
8 Halloween Story Lost
9 It's a Wonderful Leaf FOUND (German)
10 Tooth or Consequence Lost
11 Walk Like a Nerd Lost
12 Pulp Fiction Lost
13 Married to the Mush Lost
"Bad Seed" with original commercials; part one of three.
"Bad Seed" with original commercials; part two of three.
"Bad Seed" with original commercials; part three of three.
The 4th Episode of Little Shop "Unfair Science".
The 6th Episode of Little Shop, "I Loathe a Parade".
The 7th Episode of Little Shop "Air Junior". Incomplete episode.
Promo for the show showing one of the missing episodes, possibly "Halloween Story".



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7 months ago
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Anyone know where I can find the whole series?

Anonymous user #2

7 months ago
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did you even read what the wiki is named? you cannot find the full series anywhere ya idiot


1 months ago
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5 months ago
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5 months ago
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I already added the promo in the old wikia. I just need to added that promo in the new wiki.

Anonymous user #3

1 months ago
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i have a vhs in the uk and i will check what episodes are on the tape and ill report back


1 months ago
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The clips from the promo are most likely from "Halloween Story" judging by the scene in the video thumbnail preview.
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