Luigi's Mansion - Beta version (lost prototype of Gamecube game; 2000-2001)

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Luigi's Mansion (beta build)
The final build's title screen.
The final build's title screen.
Status Lost

First shown at Spaceworld 2000, Luigi's Mansion was released as a launch title for the Gamecube. As in the case of every game, it had many changes from its earliest form and the beta version is highly sought by fans, but like most Nintendo prototypes, it has yet to be leaked.

Stereoscopic 3D

This feature was removed because the add-on for the GameCube would have cost too much money.

There were also removed boss ghost battles, including a rumored Australian hunter boss that would threaten to kill Luigi and mount his head on the wall (the fight would have been most likely a variation on the toy soldiers, but with only one ghost, and was meant to take place in the Safari Room) and a chef ghost that threw tomatoes. Other removed ghosts include the early version of the bowling ghost, that would leap out and scare Luigi, leaving him with only 50 total HP instead of 100 HP. Since the early version used the in-console clock to time it, and had to be beat in 24 hours, this would have added a large amount of strategy in avoiding these ghosts. There was a ghost tracker, adapted to the boo tracker, that would have made catching ghost much easier. There is also data left in the game that suggests that you were meant to walk to the mansion at the start of the game, instead of watching a cutscene. Dr. E. Gadd's lab is fully mapped with the training room, portrait room, and ghost portrification room accessible from the main room. A ladder led up through the roof and out onto the lawn; the whole area can be explored using a gameshark, but no longer leads outside the lab.

The betas

Spaceworld 2000

Although there are rumors that this game started development on the N64, this is the first version ever shown off to the public and thus the first confirmed version of the game. There is only a demo clip of the game, and a very short clip of 3 ghosts playing cards. A shot of the ghosts sitting at the table, facing forwards (unlike in the clip) remains in the game.

The reel of footage includes a lot of beta game footage and is really only to show off the graphical capabilities of the system.

Spaceworld 2001

The second time the game was shown off it was in playable form, and was very different from the final product. It featured a coin counter, a heart gauge out of /100, and many other differences. At this point, the game had a doll house like design aspect, and it is said the mansion would vanish if the player ran out of time. Boos were more like the mice in the final version, only getting in the way, and the game's graphic design looks darker.

Notice the purple Basher ghost and what it does to the life counter. Some footage from this version (in other videos included) has a gauge for how much you can suck up in game. It seems there you could only hold a ghost so long before the Poltergust 3000 would catch fire. The Game Boy Horror at one point acted like a camera, giving a first-person view. This still exists in the game, but you can't walk and use it at the same time, and is only used to scan items. It would have taken a lot of processing power for the continuous render, and thus was cut. It can only been seen in screenshots from Nintendo Power.

The later E3 versions look a lot like the Spaceworld 2001 variations, as they share much of the same features.

A few videos that discuss various beta versions:

Both discuss it pretty well, and helps explain a lot of stuff removed, and both are very different explanations of the betas.

There are a lot of people claiming they own the beta, and yet there is no more footage available, so it seems that no copies were ever released out of Nintendo HQ.


The Cutting Room Floor article, with a ton of unused graphics and such [1]

The Mario Wiki page on the subject [2]

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Wow, the opening introduction to this article is way too long and the sentence below the first paragraph should be split off to its own section explaining the differences between the beta build and the final game. -.-

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3 months ago
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I think the Hunting Room ghost is not true

Anonymous user #1

3 months ago
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Yeah, the Mario Wiki in their "List of rumors and urban legends" article says that no such boss actually existed in the game's files and was more of way of Nintendo Power to add flavor to the game rather than being a real boss.

Happy Brian

16 days ago
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Here's a link to the article in question: https://www....Hunter_ghost and to quote the article: "No evidence of a hunter ghost is present in the game's data despite the presence of other unused ghosts, and no direct mentions of the supposed boss exist in previews."
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