Mario Party 4 flash game (found online promo game; 2002)

Mario Party 4 (flash game)
The home screen for the flash game.
The home screen for the flash game.
Status Found
Date found Mar. 30, 2017
Found by SansTheBee

The Mario Party 4 Flash Game was a flash game released in 2002 and stayed active up through the release of Mario Party 6 in 2004-2005.


In 2002, to coincide with the release of Mario Party 4, Nintendo and Hudson Soft teamed up to create a flash game of the Gamecube title of the same name. From the memories of players of the game, it was very well-made, and featured the standard Mario Party format, with available screenshots from the then-new game to print out.


On March 30, 2017, LMW user SansTheBee located 5 working formats of the game, out of 40 possible game formats. The finding of this once-thought-lost game links an important chain in the history of one of Gamecube's greatest titles.

External Links

1. Mario Party 4 Flash Game [1]

2. Play Mario Party 4's Flash Game here. [2]




29 days ago
Score 4++

I went through the archives and I got it to work on this one choosing Yoshi as the player and Toad as the host:

And heres the game url:;host=toad

I'm not sure if other combinations work but is this enough to be considered found?


28 days ago
Score 2++

If there's a God out there, I hope he rewards you generously. This is a game I didn't think anyone cared about or played, and it's been 12 years since the last time I did. Who would've thought clicking all the options would've found one that worked? I tried at least 20 that didn't work at all.

You're a hero, Sans. Tonight's gonna be a sentimental journey.

Anonymous user #1

11 days ago
Score 0++
Uhh... The game seems to allow you to do the other hosts just fine, even if they aren't archived to directly go to that host. Wouldn't this mean that we only need links to one of each character to have all potential combinations?


7 days ago
Score 0++
I've played this after I've got Mario Party 4
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