Married by America (Lost Fox Reality Show; 2003)

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Married by America
Status Lost

Married by America was a reality show broadcast from March 3, 2003 to April 14, 2003 on Fox. The premise of the show revolved around five single people to, as the title says, be paired up with other people "by America" (family members and phone-in voters). The other major gimmick of the show was that the singles would pair up with the strangers "sight-unseen" with a wall separating them on stage, meaning that they could only talk to each other.


In the show's short time on the air, it managed to drum up a great amount of controversy over its content; one affiliate in North Carolina (WRAZ) dropped the show after its premiere for how it "demeans and exploits the institution of marriage", and a year after its cancellation, the show received a $1.18 million FCC fine over an episode which contained explicit footage of whipped cream being licked off a stripper's breasts and a man being caressed by strippers. The fine was eventually dropped to $91,000 in 2009 and then dropped entirely in 2012.

The show also dealt with a contestant who was revealed to have been already married after the first episode had aired; in the end, none of the couples on the show ended up married, making the show a failure.


This show has never been rebroadcast or released on home video, nor have any full episodes turned up online. However, a few clips can be found online, one featuring the premiere's opening and another showing a compilation of Tony Ross' time on the show. Another clip can be found on a Parents Television Council compilation of "worst clips", namely the controversial stripper footage (not linked due to graphic content).


Premiere intro.
Compilation of Tony Ross' episode.



Anonymous user #1

12 months ago
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I've found this: www(.)youtube(.)com/watch?v=cU9W3NxfeAw

The video seems to have a bit of montage on it, but it's another part of the show.


9 months ago
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This show looks really pathetic. However, I am interested in finding the full episodes for preservation purposes and to find the moments that got it pulled from tv

Anonymous user #2

11 months ago
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I have a bunch of Canadian ads for this. If I find any actual footage I'll put it up but I doubt I have it, show wasn't my family's style.


10 months ago
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so much for the houses lmao


9 months ago
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Whoa I remember this show
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