Mythbusters "Cannibal Mouse" (Lost segment of TV Program; 2006)

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Mythbusters "Cannibal Mouse" Segment
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Mythbusters is a popular science entertainment TV program that enacts/puts to the test many myths and urban legends, determining whether it is "plausible" or "busted".

Banned segment

In the 2006 episode of Mythbusters Episode 55 "Steam Cannon", one myth that was tested was the saying "there's more nutrition in the cardboard box than the cereal."

In a Q&A, host Adam Savage informed that there was an experiment that never made it to air.

According to Adam, they had 3 lab mice in 3 experiment groups; 1 group is eating normal mice food, 1 group eating the sugary cereal, and 1 group eating cardboard box pellets. Jamie noticed that the cardboard group were acting strangely. When they came in, they found that 1 of the "cardboard mice" ate the other 2 mice, to which Adam made jokes about.

Due to the disturbing material, Discovery refused to let this be part of the episode. In the interview, Adam admits to making a rough cut and showing it at "Northern Michigan Tech" (likely referring to either "Northern Michigan University" or "Michigan Tech University"). When Discovery found out, they told Adam never to show it again.

Due to it being graphic animal violence, it is very unlikely it would ever resurface, considering Mythbusters tries its best to keep a family-friendly image and not show any harm happen to living beings (not testing the myth of "drying a dog in a microwave" in any form, for instance).

Q&A where Adam describes the experiment




26 days ago
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There is another lost segment from the show. According to Adam (i think), they were testing possible homemade explosives, and one worked so well and was so easy to make that they called the bomb squad to let them know (which they already did), destroyed the footage, and I think even signed NDAs specifying that they would never speak of what the ingredients or methods were.

I think I heard him talk about it either on a podcast (likely The Nerdist, The Alton Browncast, or his own, Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project), or possibly in the Reunion episode.

Anonymous user #1

25 days ago
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this dude is pretty sick and twizted

Anonymous user #2

21 days ago
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And nothing of value was lost.


21 days ago
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This Clip Shall Probably Be Able To Be Shown To Any Of Us But It Is Cool To Speculate!

Anonymous user #3

19 days ago
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Cannibalism in rodents is pretty common, probable confusion and stress lead to it


10 days ago
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I remember them both talking about it when I saw them at the 'Behind the Myths' tour. I wonder if now we can see it since the OG show is finished. But I still doubt it.

Anonymous user #4

6 days ago
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Armin mices

Anonymous user #5

5 days ago
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This reminds me of that spider-man scene
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