Nasrudin (partially found cancelled animated movie; early 1970s)

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Still from surviving footage of the film.
Still from surviving footage of the film.
Status Partially Found

Nasrudin is an early title of the film that would become The Thief and the Cobbler, created by Richard Williams. The film would have been based off of a series of books about the tales of Mulla Nasrudin written by Idries Shah, which Williams illustrated.

By 1972, three hours of footage were completed, but Williams had a falling out with the Shah and abandoned the project. The Shah family gained the rights to Williams's illustrations, but the completed animation has never been released.

All that has resurfaced is a short clip of the film from a documentary called One Pair of Eyes. The whereabouts of the original film are unknown, and little else about the film is known.


The only surviving footage of Nasrudin



Anonymous user #1

9 months ago
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The thief and the cobbler story just gets sadder and sadder

Anonymous user #2

3 months ago
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Nice to know the very first article I ever wrote made it to the new wiki.

Anonymous user #3

27 days ago
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Someone should remake thief and the cobbler. It went through 29 years or production hell. Williams deserves it.
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