Nightmare Ned (1997 TV Series)

Nightmare Ned
The show title card
The show title card
Status Partially lost

Nightmare Ned was a television series that is based off on the Disney computer game of the same name. It ran on ABC from April 19, 1997 to August 9, 1997.  It had total of 12 half-hour episodes usually consisting of two segments, as episode twelve had three segments. About 3/4 of the series can be found online, albeit in very low quality and one episode (A Doll's House) is missing the beginning and end


1 Ned's Life as a Dog Found
1 A Doll's House Partially Found
2 Robot Ned Found
2 Dapper Dan Found
3 Monster Ned Missing
3 The Ants Missing
4 Magic Bus Found
4 'Til Undeath Do Us Part Found
5 Headless Lester Found
5 My, How You've Grown Found
6 Tooth or Consequences Found
6 Show Me the Infidel Found
7 Willie Trout Found
7 House of Games Found
8 Girl Trouble Missing
8 Canadian Bacon Found
9 Abduction Found
9 Bad Report Card Found
10 Testing...Testing... Missing
10 The Accordion Lesson Missing
11 Along for the Ride Found
11 Steamed Vegetables Found
12 Lucky Abe Found
12 The Dentist


12 The Ballad of Vernon & Conrad Found


The Intro
Ned's Life as a Dog
A Doll's House
Robot Ned
Dapper Dan
Magic Bus
'Til Undeath Do Us Part
Headless Lester
My, How You've Grown
Tooth or Consequences (Includes beginning)
Tooth or Consequences (Missing beginning)
Show Me the Infidel
Willie Trout (Part 1)
Willie Trout (Part 2)
Canadian Bacon
Bad Report Card
Along for the Ride
Steamed Vegetables
Lucky Abe
Nightmare Ned - The Dentist/The Ballad of Conrad and Vernon


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