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UPDATE 2.63! (Added 11 June 2017)

Lost Media Chronicles episode 45 - Earthbound/ Mother Series
Lost Media Chronicles episode 46 - "The First Hardcore Erotic Game In The World!" (NSFW)
Lost Media Chronicles episode 47 - 3-D Groove Games)
Cap'n O.G. Readmore's Jack and the Beanstalk (courtesy KingDrewski9000)
Jerry The Sockgazer Sings A Little Song For You!!

Hello there, duderinos and dudettes, Shoegazer here doing the noticeboard this time. It's been another busy month, but surprisingly there wasn't much media found. Just one thing:

  • KingDrewski9000 uncovered a rare VHS recording of Cap'n O.G. Readmore's Jack and the Beanstalk. It aired very rarely on ABC from 1985 to 1997, and amazingly the uploader's mother is the one who recorded it. Thank you, KingDrewski9000, for unearthing this gem!

I, the Shoegazer, have also made, not 1, not 2, but 3 new LMC's since the last update! I finished up my video game month 2017 already. The topics are:

Finally, I'd like to openly announce that the wiki is now hosting events on the Discord, so if you haven't joined already, what are you, insane? Get your happy whippersnapper face right on over to the Discord and join. On Friday nights, we're doing Lost Media group chat followed by Film Night. On Saturdays we're doing music night, hosted by yours truly. These start at 7 PM Central Time on Fridays and 9 PM Central Time on Saturdays. Come and bond with your fellow Lost Media community members.

That about does it, see you guys later!

-The other guy that's not Dycaite that everyone loves.

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