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Randy's V-Log on the fake clip

Hey guys, dycaite here.

So, as a lot of you are probably aware (from either the forums, the shoutbox or the Discord), there has been a lot of buzz recently about a supposed leak of the Christine Chubbuck tape that turned up in a Top 5 video on YouTube (the video in question can be found here). I avoided reporting on this in any official manner until such a time as some concrete proof of either its legitimacy or, more likely, it's illegitimacy had come to light (unlike some so-called "news" outlets, who practically touted it as hard fact), but I can now confirm that the clip is indeed a fake, nothing more than a well done re-enactment.

The clip was confirmed fake a couple of days back by Gordon Galbraith, news director of WXLT at the time, who posted a Facebook message outlining the reasons for the tape being fake, a screenshot of which can be found here.

Randy has also done a short V-Log on the tape and its newly proven illegitimacy, which can be seen above.

So, that's that; case closed. This leaves us with the conclusion that the clip was faked purely for publicity reasons and while I don't necessarily want to incite condemnation of NationSquid, I think most of you would agree that it's a pretty unsavoury thing to have done; here's hoping he finally does the right thing and comes clean about it now instead of carrying on the charade.

Take it easy guys.


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