One Thousand and One Arabian Nights (Lost English Dub of Anime Film; 1969)

One Thousand and One Arabian Nights English Dub
Status Lost

One Thousand and One Arabian Nights was a 1969 anime feature film directed by Eiichi Yamamoto, collaborating with Osamu Tezuka, and the first entry in Mushi Production's Animerama trilogy, a series of anime films aimed at adult audiences.

The film was given an American release at some point, complete with an English dub, predating the adult animated film fad that Ralph Bakshi's Fritz the Cat would later kick off. However, while the film was a hit in Japan, it flopped in the United States, where it only received a limited release. Additionally, the English version had 28 minutes of footage cut from the film for unknown reasons.

To date, the English dub of One Thousand and One Arabian Nights has yet to resurface and is believed to be lost. Only the trailer can be found online.


Trailer for the English dub of the film.



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water from the nile

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oh my God a Tim fan here!?!? Grand Illusions! <3
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