Pepper Ann (Found Animated Series; 1997-2000)

Pepper Ann
The title of show, from the intro
The title of show, from the intro
Status Found
Date found June 17/18, 2016
Found by Many People

Pepper Ann was a TV series created by Sue Rose and produced by Walt Disney Television Animation that ran from 1997 to 2000 on the ABC block "Disney's One Saturday Morning. It centered on the adventures of 12-year-old Pepper Ann and her two best friends, Nicky and Milo. As of 2016, all episodes have been found.

List of Missing Episodes

  • Uniform, Uniformity – Found
  • A No Hair Day – Found
  • Effie Shrugged – Found
  • The Spanish Imposition – Found
  • Baggy Bean Buddies – Found
  • The Velvet Room – Found
  • Sammy’s Song – Found
  • Permanent Record – Found
  • Reality Bytes – Found
  • Strike it Or Not – Found
  • The Merry Lives of Pepper Ann – Found
  • Dear Debby – Found
  • The Search for Pepper Ann Pearson – Found


On June 18, 2016, a member from the private torrent tracker MySpleen uploaded all the episodes onto the site, although access to them is restricted to members. Alternate copies were sent to YouTube user GalaxyUnicorn by a Reddit user, which were made available for public download and can be found here.


Six Minutes of "The Merry Lives of Pepper Ann" in Latin American Spanish
"Reality Bytes" Chinese/English
"The Velvet Room" clip




Anonymous user #1

9 months ago
Score 0++
There are two episodes I really want to watch but cannot find anywhere G.I. Janie which involves Pepper Ann's Aunt Janie getting addicted to violent videogames after initially protesting against them, and Girl Power in which her sister Moose finds this Xena parody show which she loves but then the writers change the character into a girly girl which she hates so she calls the network to complain.

Anonymous user #2

8 months ago
Score 0++

Anonymous user #3

8 months ago
Score 0++
I run the Facebook page Pepper Ann Universe, you can watch them there. :)


8 months ago
Score 0++
I have a link to Uniform Uniformity (and the Snot follow up episode) in Greek and German, from the wording of the passage, does this mean it isn't needed? Or is the episode missing completely and I should link it?


6 months ago
Score 0++
I think it is still lost. You should link it.

Anonymous user #4

7 months ago
Score 0++
Nicky gone bad, Beans of wrath, Forging Ahead and Snot your mother's music have been found

Anonymous user #5

3 months ago
Score 0++
So happy this show was found. It's one of my all-time favorite cartoons.

Anonymous user #6

2 months ago
Score 0++
Wow, I didn't even know that this show was initially lost in first place.
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