Pocket Monsters RPG (unreleased/unfinished Nintendo 64DD game; 1990s)

Pocket Monsters RPG (N64DD)
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Pocket Monsters RPG was an unreleased Nintendo 64DD title. It was meant to be the first console RPG for the Pokemon/Pocket Monsters franchise. 

Little info is known on the game and no screenshots have been released. It was first mentioned in a June 1997 interview with Shigeru Miyamoto. Several months later, Miyamoto and Tsunekazu Ishihara both said there were three 64DD titles in development, one of the other two being Hey You, Pikachu!, which would later be released on the Nintendo 64. At Nintendo Space World 1997, only earlier versions of Pokemon Snap and the Japanese version of Pokemon Stadium were shown.

Pocket Monsters RPG fell off the radar and no other info was announced. Junichi Masuda, a major developer for Game Freak, has stated that he doesn't believe Pokemon RPGs should be on home consoles, which could be a possible reason for the cancellation. Other likely reasons are that Game Freak was developing Pokemon Gold and Silver during that period, or that the 64DD ceased production shortly after its introduction. 

Two Pokemon console RPGs, Colosseum and XD: Gale of Darkness, were released for the Gamecube, but they were not developed by Game Freak, unlike the 64DD game. 



Anonymous user #1

11 months ago
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I see a mention of that game in a Latin America magazine

Anonymous user #2

7 months ago
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I am researching the n64DD and I came across a mention of this in N64 Magazine, but they weren't too excited about it. There is no mention of a playable build or anything, but I might have overlooked details as it wasnt related to my research that much...

Anonymous user #3

7 months ago
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This is just idle speculation... But given this time period, maybe the battle mechanics of this project were reworked into either of two Pokémon Stadium games we got state side? The time period of these announcements and those games releases would fit, and given the poor reception of the first Japanese Pokémon Stadium game they might have diverted the progress and resources of this project into making a better Pokémon Stadium game.

As well, Miyamoto being the one who announced it instead of Game Freak might play into this theory I'm brewing, as the Pokémon Stadium Games were be developed by Nintendo EAD and not Game Freak, so him announcing this project instead of Game Freak would make sense if Pocket Monsters RPG eventually did become the Stadium games. Maybe this probable turning of Pocket Monsters RPG into the Stadium games came as sort of a compromise between Nintendo and Masuda, as a main series Pokémon game would most definitely have helped N64 sales in the time where Pokémon was everywhere, but since Masuda, and likely other higher ups at Game Freak as well, didn't want a fully fledged Pokémon RPG on the home console they settled for a battle simulator with the battle mechanics and ideas from the now canceled RPG. This game probably could have also impleaded Pokémon Gold and Silver both in terms of Development time (as the GBC games were already in development hell, so diverting more resources would have strained them even more) and in sales of the games as consumers would likely not buy both games, so that would give Game Freak little reason to support Pocket Monsters RPG.

As well, since the 64DD failed many planned games were shuffled around, delayed, or eventually became different games, such as Jack and Beans becoming Pokémon Snap or Mother 3 being moved to the GBA. Maybe Pocket Monsters RPG suffered a similar fate and was reworked into Stadium for the reasons listed above. Its just idle speculation, however - I have zero proof to back this claim up with - but its just my ideas on the fate of this project.

Anonymous user #4

6 months ago
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Holy lord...... That's deep ._.
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