Pokémon 3D Adventure: Mew o Sagase! (lost 3D short of anime; 2005)

Pokémon 3D Adventure: Mew o Sagase
Promo poster for the film.
Promo poster for the film.
Status Lost

Pokémon 3D Adventure: Mew o Sagase! (ポケモン3Dアドベンチャー ミュウを探せ!, translates to Pokémon 3D Adventure: Find Mew!) is a 3D anime film from the Pokémon series. The plot involved Pikachu (possibly Ash's) and friends looking for the ever-elusive Mew. It was first shown at the temporary PokéPark amusement park in Nagoya, Japan starting on March 18, 2005 when the park opened and ending on September 25, 2005 when the park closed. It was later screened with a different ending theme in a limited run at 23 select theaters.

It was screened again in 2017 together with Pokémon 4D: Pikachu's Ocean Adventure in Japanese theaters.[1]

It has never been released on home video.


Four stills of the film.


  1. http://www.pokemon-movie.jp/news/?p=2498



Anonymous user #1

7 months ago
Score 0++
Wow. Screened again and still not recorded

Anonymous user #2

6 months ago
Score 0++
It's possible that it could just be hard to do it without getting in trouble in places like that. Who knows?

Anonymous user #3

1 months ago
Score 0++
I actually like the plot of this. We have to find it.

Anonymous user #4

19 days ago
Score 0++
Celebi made her own appearance of this 3D adventure, isn't it.
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