Pretty Cure (unreleased 4Kids English dub of anime; 2004-2010)

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Pretty Cure (4kids dub)
Dvd cover of Futari wa Pretty Cure.
Dvd cover of Futari wa Pretty Cure.
Status Lost

Pretty Cure is a popular magical-girl anime franchise, starting in 2004 with Futari wa Pretty Cure.

While the franchise has gone from strength to strength in Japan, with multiple series and merchandising, it was nowhere near as successful in English-speaking markets. Only Futari wa Pretty Cure (now known simply as Pretty Cure) was ever dubbed into English and distributed.

When the series was first picked up in 2006,[1] however, it was the infamous American distribution company 4Kids.[2] CEO Al Kahn announced the acquisition at New York City Comic Con in February of that year.[3]

4Kids are said to have struggled to find a broadcaster for the show. It is uncertain if they actually made an English dub (different sources say different things), but they seem to have let the rights lapse back to parent company Toei Animation, who subtitled the show and put it onto a variety of online streaming services before famous Canadian dubbing studio Ocean Productions were able to complete a dub for international distribution at Toei's request, which aired on YTV from 2009-2010, and in the UK on PopGirl in 2010.





6 months ago
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Oh No! 4kids!? Let's let this one stay lost  :-)

Anonymous user #1

3 months ago
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  • sigh* I wish ppl liked Precure over here. Sailor moon is so overrated.


3 months ago
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Should have existence unconfirmed in the thread title. There's also the existing but completely MIA Singapore dub.

Anonymous user #2

2 months ago
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I agree with you there because there are so many conflicting stories on wheter or not this series even got started being dubbed by 4Kids.
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