Rome - Get Free (lost album; 2014)

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Rome: Get Free
The album cover.
The album cover.
Status Partially Found

Get Free was an album by Rome Ramirez’s band Rome, recognisable for working with former members of famous ska band Sublime, that was supposed to come out on August, 12th, 2014, but never did.[1] The album consisted of 12 songs which were mostly original, but with a few Sublime covers. It acquired promotion, and even had 4 singles released (Scream, Eighteen, Terrorista and If the World) beforehand, but only a handful of other materials have ended up seeing the light of day.


A part of a live performance of Get Free.
The single If the World performed live.


  1. Terrorista
  2. Scream
  3. Eighteen
  4. If the World
  5. Doin' Time For You
  6. Where's Paradise
  7. Crash The Party
  8. Get Free
  9. Ghost


  1. Leaked marketing assets.




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