Rugrats Go Wild - Original 90 minute cut (Lost Deleted Scenes of Animated Crossover Special; 2003)

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Rugrats Go Wild - Original 90 minute cut
Advertisement poster for the film.
Advertisement poster for the film.
Status Lost
Teaser for The Rugrats Meet the Wild Thornberrys (working title for Rugrats Go Wild), included on the VHS for Charlotte's Web 2: Wilbur's Great Adventure.

Rugrats Go Wild is the third and final movie created for the Rugrats franchise. It's a crossover with another Klasky-Csupo cartoon, The Wild Thornberries.

The film was originally a 90-minute special, but the test screenings were so positive that Paramount decided to remake it as an 80-minute film released in theaters. The original 90-minute special has never been leaked.

One notable cut was the character Tiki, a little animal whom Eliza communicated with and who accompanied her and the babies. He was voiced by rapper and actor LL Cool J; all of his scenes were cut from the final film.

The working title for this movie was The Rugrats Meet the Wild Thornberrys. This title was retained for the film's earliest promotional material, including the first teaser trailer.



Anonymous user #1

5 months ago
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Anyone have the email address of Klasky Csupo or Nickelodeon? I have an email about this I want to send them.


15 days ago
Score -1++
I've heard they're going to release it soon. I'm not joking.


14 days ago
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Y'know, I think I have a trailer for this as "The Rugrats Meet The Wild Thornberrys" on a vhs somewhere. I doubt it's different but it might be... And okay so I have a computer game that came out with this movie, and I feel like there's a tiki character in the game? idk if anyone can confirm, but I can see if the game's still playable and if it's in there.

Anonymous user #2

13 days ago
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Why is it that 2000's shows go missing? The 2000's were my childhood, and almost half of my favourite shows are missing episodes. It makes no sense at all that such a recent decade would be missing anything. If stuff goes lost in the 2010's, its going to not make any sense at all.


13 days ago
Score 1++
It's not a matter of things going lost, but rather of people assuming there's no reason to record and upload stuff like this because it's so "commonplace" that others should've done the job already. Recordings exist, but those who have them assume that they're readily available and don't care enough about them.
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