Space Ghost Coast to Coast Gametap Episodes (Rare/Partially Lost Online Episodes; 2006-08)

SGC2C Gametap Episodes
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Status Partially Lost

Space Ghost Coast to Coast was an animated series on Cartoon Network created by Mike Lazzo that ran for eight seasons. It was very successful, spawning various spin-offs (Cartoon Planet and The Brak Show) and even helping to create two long-running CN blocks (Toonami and Adult Swim) among other things.

On October 17th 2005, the gaming/streaming service Gametap was launched and, from May 30th 2006 to May 31st 2008, new episodes of Coast to Coast were created exclusively for the service to help promote it, giving the show ten seasons total. They were made without any involvement from the original writers and were generally met with mixed reception due to this fact. Ultimately, the service was bought out by Metaboli in 2008 and has been defunct as of 2010 when the company shut down, leaving most of the episodes effectively lost, having never been officially released on the internet or on any home media.

However, a majority of the episodes have been found by a user on MySpleen, including videos of Space Ghost interviewing various game developers at E3 2006. The only episodes that weren't in the collection were the ones featuring Larry Hunter, Mark Thompson, and Bruce Stern, making these the only lost episodes. The episodes can be found here.

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Anonymous user #1

4 months ago
Score 2++

Really happy to find these, as I hunt for the collected works of C. Martin Croker, RIP.

Thanks to Lost Media Wiki for making their whereabouts known.


4 months ago
Score 0++
Yeah. I only recently (four or five months ago) watched all of Space Ghost and I kind of loved it. One of the most underrated cartoons of all time in my opinion.

Anonymous user #2

8 days ago
Score 0++
So happy to find these lost episodes. Now someone please find the last 3!
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