Super Mario's Wacky Worlds (found ROM of cancelled Phillips CD-i game; 1993)

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Super Mario's Wacky Worlds
The prototype's title screen.
The prototype's title screen.
Status Found
Date found Unknown
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Review of Game by James Rolfe and Mike Matei.

Super Mario's Wacky Worlds is a canceled 1993 sequel to Super Mario World. Developed by NovaLogic, only 30% of the game was complete before the game was canceled. Only 3 prototypes of the game are known to exist, and a rom of the game has been available for some time now and can be downloaded below.


The game would've taken place in the real world as opposed to the Mushroom Kingdom, despite the fact Goombas and Koopa Troopas appeared in the game, and they do not exist in the real world. Development started only a few weeks before the game would be presented to Nintendo, and even though the 2 developers worked 24 hours a day for 2 weeks, they didn't have much for the presentation. The game was so rushed; it was ported onto a disk only 4 hours before the presentation that would take place. Despite all this, Nintendo was incredibly impressed by the results.

Cancellation and leaked ROM

Due to poor sales of the CD-i, the game had to be cancelled. What remains of the game is very functional for a game cancelled so early in production, although of course, not totally (You can make goombas freeze in mid-air by touching them). Also, there are several levels that have no data in them at all. Whether or not the game shall ever be finished by anybody is a mystery, but let's just hope that, though incredibly unlikely, somebody takes it under their wing and completes it.

Here is the link to the rom of the game:



Anonymous user #1

13 months ago
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I played this once on a website, I'm wondering why it was there

Anonymous user #2

10 months ago
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About completing the game--it depends on if we ever get to disassemble it privately and discover how it works. By then it would be easy to do what NovaDon't.


2 months ago
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i had a bootleg of this game for my ps2 in like 2011 thats some strange nostalgia
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