Super Mario 64 Disk Version (found Nintendo 64 Disk Drive game; 1996)

Super Mario 64 Disk Version
A screenshot from the original Super Mario 64.
A screenshot from the original Super Mario 64.
Status Found
Date found June 2014
Found by "jimmy130"
A Nintendo 64, atop the failed 64DD add-on.

In 1996, the first game for the Nintendo 64 console was released. The game was called Super Mario 64, and was the first 3D game in the ever popular Super Mario series of video games.

Production of the N64DD

A few years later, Nintendo released an add-on to the Nintendo 64 called the Nintendo 64 Disk Drive or Nintendo 64DD for short. The add-on would have utilized magnetic disks instead of the standard game cartridges. It was a huge failure and was never released outside of Japan. Because of this, several games and expansion packs in development for the 64DD were subsequently canceled, including a sequel to Super Mario 64 simply titled Super Mario 64 2.


Little is known about Super Mario 64 2 except that it would have the same graphics and style as its predecessor and that Luigi would have been playable as well. There is reportedly a demo of this concept, but there are neither any legitimate images or videos of this. While Super Mario 64 2 was never released, Super Mario 64 DS can be seen as the fruition of these ideas.

While a full realization of these concepts hasn't been found, footage of a 64DD disk of Super Mario 64 had surfaced in 2014. The only real noticeable differences between this and the original game are better textures, different castle music, slightly longer loading times, and buggy encounters with the Wiggler enemy in Big Small World. It's unknown if any further development of this was made or if it's even the "actual" sequel.



Anonymous user #1

6 months ago
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peta popppa

Anonymous user #2

6 months ago
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I have just played the Super Mario 64DD demo on project64 and the game has much better music and much better graphics. It is not true that this game is buggy because i have played the whole game and i now have 118 stars on file C. It is a shame this game was never released for the 64DD.

If we can now just find Super Mario 64 2 for the 64DD too.

Anonymous user #3

4 months ago
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Try going to the wiggler boss...he's done with Mario so he set up a crash!!! lol

Anonymous user #4

2 months ago
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This is not the actual sequel, number 1, and number 2, this was a tech demo shown off to press.
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