Taiwan 2001 (lost PC game; 2000s-early 2010s)

Taiwan 2001
Title screen.
Title screen.
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Taiwan 2001 (台灣2001), abbreviated as TW2001 is a game created by 'Kuso Soft' (kuso being Japanese for crap) in Taiwan created as a spoof of the 1995 homebrew shooter game Hong Kong 97 for the Super Famicom, in which the latter game has received a cult following in Japan and Taiwan because of the game's difficulty, anti-Chinese overtones, graphic content (namely the fact that the game over screen utilizes a forensic photograph of a man killed in mid-1992), and reputation as one of the worst video games ever created.[1] The name of the company 'Kuso Soft' is most likely a made-up company as a parody to HappySoft, the company who distributed Hong Kong 97.

The gameplay of Taiwan 2001 is very similar to Hong Kong 97; however, Kuso Soft claims that it is intended to be worse than that of the original game.[2]


The game can be played in three languages: Cantonese, Hua, and Mandarin. After the title screen, the intro follows, which is a near-exact replication of Hong Kong 97's plot:

"The year 2001 has arrived. A herd of fuckin’ uglies. are rushing from the mainland. Crime rates skyrockeded![sic] Therefore, the Taiwan Government called Wang Shou En’s relative Wang Shou Min for the education plan of the mainlanders. Min is an etiquette expert. Reform all 1.2 billion people!
"However, in mainland China there was a secret project in progress! A project to transform the captured Wang Shou En into an ultimate weapon!"

It is possible Wang Shou En is based off the ancient Chinese eunuch Wang Shoucheng, and Wang Shou Min of the Chinese actor Huang Xiaoming.


Little is known about the game's actual gameplay, other than its similar to the gameplay of Hong Kong 97 in which you control a character and throw projectile at enemies, and you play as Min. The game over screen says "小明死亡 MinisDEAD", presumably overlaid atop a gruesome image similar to the one seen on Hong Kong 97's game over screen.

The only evidence of the game's existence are mentions and reviews of the game from an interview between Kowloon Kurosawa (the designer of Hong Kong 97) on Six Samana and personal blogs, as well as the screenshot of the title screen. However, downloads for this game have not been made available.

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I remember seeing more screenshots of this game online recently but I can't seem to find them anymore. If I do find them again I will put them on this article.
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