The Apples in Stereo - 'Live in Chicago' (lost live album; 2001)

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The Apples in Stereo - 'Live in Chicago'
Album art from eMusic release, sourced from the Pitchfork review of the album.
Album art from eMusic release, sourced from the Pitchfork review of the album.
Status Lost

Live in Chicago is a 2001 live album by indie band The Apples in Stereo, released exclusively through the eMusic web platform as an MP3 album on 20 February 2001. Recorded and performed on 28 March 2000 at Schuba's Tavern, it features the band performing eight of their original songs as well as a cover of the Beach Boys song "Heroes and Villains." The album appeared to have the sound quality of a fan-recorded live bootleg, with main singer and songwriter Robert Schneider having boasted, "You can actually hear the vocals very well over the noise. This is the first time one of our live recordings accomplished this."

Although the album was readily available on eMusic's store for years, the last known date this album seems to have been available for download was 4 September 2005, according to snaps of the webpage on the Internet Archive. The only other online remnants of Live in Chicago are in the form of a couple of old forum posts discussing the album and several reviews of the album in online publications, such as Pitchfork and AllMusic. Only one track is widely available, the cover of "Heroes and Villains," which can be found on the Apples in Stereo's EP Signal in the Sky (Let's Go!). The other eight tracks, as well as (strangely) the two final tracks apparently consisting of several seconds of silence, have been lost to the annals of time and the internet.

The album's tracks as listed on eMusic are as follows:

  1. I Can't Believe (4:00; missing)
  2. Ruby (3:01; missing)
  3. Go! (3:13; missing)
  4. Seems So (3:46; missing)
  5. What's The # (2:40; missing)
  6. Heroes And Villains (3:23; widely available on a different release)
  7. Get There Fine (3:51; missing)
  8. Show The World (2:26; missing)
  9. Dots 1,2,3 (sic) (3:11; missing)
  10. Silence (0:06; missing)
  11. Silence 2 (0:04; missing)

The album was apparently once distributed unofficially through a torrent-sharing site, but it is unknown if it still exists. According to a forum post on, the album seemed to have been missing 7 songs from the band's set, which were alleged to have been available as part of that torrent.





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