The Beatles "I Am the Walrus" (Lost Complete Version of Song; 1967)

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The Beatles, in what is presumably a promotional image from the Magical Mystery Tour era.

When a Beatles song called "I Am the Walrus" was released in 1967, it had different versions released separately. For example, the 6-beat intro usually heard in stereo was cropped to a 4-beat intro heard in mono mixes. The earliest stereo mix also includes the same 4-beat intro while the earliest mono mix usually heard on a US single has an extra bar as an instrumental intermission right before the words "Yellow Matter Custard". Since no complete version of this song with the missing examples has ever been released, Capitol Records created its own stereo mix by using the UK stereo and the US mono mixes for the Rarities album released in 1980.


"I Am The Walrus" from "Beatles Rarities" (video likely blocked in most countries).



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