The Cigarette and the Weed (unresurfaced animated Ralph Bakshi short; 1980's)

(Redirected from The Cigarette and the Weed (Unresurfaced Animated Ralph Bakshi Short; 1980's))

The Cigarette and the Weed
The short film's animator, Ralph Bakshi.
The short film's animator, Ralph Bakshi.
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The Cigarette and the Weed is an early 1980s animated short film by legendary controversial animator Ralph Bakshi who is known for his animated projects such as the 1960's Terrytoons, Fritz the Cat, Coonskin, American Pop, Cool World, Mighty Mouse: The New Adventures and his guest appearance on Ren & Stimpy: Adult Party Cartoon. The Cigarette and the Weed served as Bakshi's attempt to have a cartoon shown before a motion picture in movie theaters.

Running 3 minutes, it tells the story of a weed growing on a street corner, and a discarded cigarette butt that rolls up to the weed. The two converse before the cigarette rolls into a puddle and is extinguished.

The film remained unseen for many years and despite being shown at a film festival or two in the mid 2000's.[1] It has not yet surfaced online, but information about its screenings and an interview with John Kricfalusi, who has seen the short film, are available.[2]


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