L'affaire Crazy Capo (partially found French-Italian film; 1973)

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L'affaire Crazy Capo
Film poster.
Film poster.
Status Partially Found

L'affaire Crazy Capo (The Crazy Capo Affair) is a 1973 French-Italian crime film directed Patrick Jamain, based on a novel by Gilbert Tanugi.


The film revolves around three characters: Joseph Marchesi, a.k.a Crazy Capo, the oldest leader of a crime organization, Antonio Marchesi, the son of Crazy Capo, and Jean Diserens. Diserens has an ambitious plan to use European youth to transport drugs, but Crazy Capo is standing in his way. Diserens orchestrates an assassination on Crazy Capo with Marchesi as the killer and succeeds. While Diserens carries out his plan now that Crazy Capo is no longer in sight, Commissaire Martin investigates the death of Crazy Capo. Supposedly through a phone call that tells him about Crazy Capo's killer, Martin illegally arrests Diserens and tries to make him confess. Antonio breaks Diserens out of prison, and Diserens quickly realizes that he is facing an unknown threat probably planned by Crazy Capo beforehand.[1]


Little else is known about this film. Information about the film is restricted to French film websites, and even on French sources, little information about the film is available apart from the cast, producers, and sometimes synopsis. Apart from some screenshots, a 2-minute extract from the film, and the soundtrack, very little of the film is available.



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5 months ago
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I should add that the film is also listed on Mubi: https://mubi...-capo-affair. You can see that the site use a screenshot that doesn't exist on the internet before and is seen in the 2-minute extract. Given that Mubi is a site that distribute films for streaming, the site could probably have showed the film at some point and someone could probably be owning a copy of the film. However, the site's help page states that "We have an interactive film database where we aim to list every movie ever made, regardless of whether or not it’s currently playing on MUBI. The number of films in our database is growing daily through our communities contributions, whereas our curated online cinema sticks to providing you with a constantly rotating selection of 30 movies in any given time or place", which means that there is a chance that the film is just put there for the database and has not been screened.

Since I haven't used Mubi, I can't confirm whether the film has been showed on Mubi nor add this information to the article. I'm waiting for someone to look into this.
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