The Duck (partially lost production material for animated film; late 1990s)

The Duck
Concept art of "Clarence" (The Duck)
Concept art of "Clarence" (The Duck)
Status Partially Lost

The Duck is a cancelled animated/live-action film created by Uli Meyer, developed in the late 1990s (about after 1997).


Set in the real world, it had a concept similar to the film Space Jam, which Uli Meyer had worked on beforehand (which also explains the protagonist's resemblance to Daffy Duck).

The storyline involved a scientist making a formula to solve devastation in the world; however, his pet duck ends up sampling some of the formula, which transforms him into a cartoon duck.

The movie never went into production due to funding being pulled at the last minute, though test footage was produced to help pitch the project.

The Production

There are only 2 minutes of the test footage created for the film available online, as well as a separate animated clip. The test footage was estimated to be around 4-5 minutes long [1], most likely involving the scenes seen in the released stills.

The released 2 minutes of test footage
Surviving GIF of the clip

On the other hand, the other clip has gone missing. It was available on YouTube for some time before becoming a private link.

It involved a Jessica Rabbit-esque character interacting with a live-action male actor. Not much is known about the dialogue, as there is no source describing what happened in the scene. Stills of the clip and a choppy GIF derived from the YouTube video still exist online.


Most the gallery features stills released by Uli Meyer himself and concept art found by online users. The concept art, as well as a model of the main character were found online and saved from Uli Meyer's now defunct Blogspot blog.


  1. "The Duck production information". From the Overlookedtoon blog, explaining the information known about the test footage. July 27th, 2016. Archived




28 days ago
Score 0++
So basically just Roger Rabbit but with a duck


28 days ago
Score 0++
I mean I see where you're coming from but....there is no resemblance story-line wise

Anonymous user #1

27 days ago
Score 1++
It's a shame this got cancelled. It looked quite good.

Anonymous user #2

27 days ago
Score 0++
Instead of making space jam 2 why not do do this? This would be alot better and it would catch onto the superhero audience
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