The Golem (partially found German silent film; 1915)

The Golem
Surviving still from the film.
Surviving still from the film.
Status Partially Found

The Golem is a silent German horror film released in 1915 that was written, directed by, and starring Paul Wegener and Henrik Galeen.[1] It told the story of a petrified, human-sized monster made out of clay in Prague who protected the Jewish people from their persecutors. It is brought back to life and used as a servant, but after falling in unrequited love with a woman, it goes on a murderous rampage.


The film was reported to be lost soon after its release. By 2007, some footage from the first act and a couple of minutes from the fourth act were recovered.

Additionally, several sources claim that prints do still exist, and Elizabeth Baer states in her book, The Golem Redux: From Prague to Post-Holocaust Fiction, that Donald Glut knows a "European film collector" who owns a copy. He did not source his claim, however, says Baer.


The found footage edited together (mirror of the now-deleted original upload).

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Anonymous user #1

9 months ago
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I remember this being referenced in a Simpsons episode. Was it once more widely available, perhaps even popular?


9 months ago
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Yeah, it was more popular back in 1915. (I haven't seen the Simpsons episode in question, but most likely it was referencing the 1920 Golem movie, which is the third in the series and is the only one of them that's not lost)


29 days ago
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More footage has been found https://www....OLEM#p191046
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