The Great Satan at Large (lost "Israel666" episode)

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The Great Satan at Large (Israel666 episode)
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The title.
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The Great Satan at Large (original "pilot")

The Great Satan at Large was a public access program that appeared without warning on a Tucson public access station on October 5, 1991 around 6:00 p.m. The host of the show, Lou Perfidio, is seen in a Satan costume throughout the program. The other participants of the show have never been named.

At first glimpse, the show appears to be a simple tongue-in-cheek parody - however, it takes things to further, more explicit territory as it goes on.

The aired episode contained graphic violence in background clips, nudity/sexuality including a masturbating court jester, and strong language throughout.

Note: The video can be found online, but due to its graphic content we are choosing to withhold it from linking here.

After the show aired, there was great controversy in Tucson over its graphic content. Perfidio was to be charged with obscenity but fled the state before the charges could be made.

Lou Perfidio died at the age of 43 in 2006 caused by a flesh-eating infection.


It is unknown if Israel666 was another episode of the show, if it was produced by Lou Perfidio or if it was a different public access show; however, it, or one episode of it, involved Lou Perfidio pleading his case to keep The Great Satan at Large on the air. The 666Israel show was more tame with a preacher as his side kick. The chroma key background was mostly flames or clips of James C. Scott from Ch 9 whom Lou went toe to toe with during a 15 min interview.

A site entitled "Stumpy Disks" for rare material on DVD-Rs claims to have a disc with the Israel666 episode. However, it has never been confirmed if the site/disc is legit and if copies can still be purchased.




13 months ago
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okay so i still have yet to actually watch The Great Satan At Large, but im willing to buy the dvd from Stumpy Disks, if anyone's really itchin' to see what Israel666 is like...

Anonymous user #1

13 months ago
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If you do, can you share it?

Anonymous user #2

12 months ago
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The DVD-R has been ripped and torrented on private trackers.
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