The Incredibles "First In Line" Spots (Lost Web Trailers; 2004)

The Incredibles Online Promotional Trailers
Screenshot of film from DisneyGeek site, original location of shorts.
Screenshot of film from DisneyGeek site, original location of shorts.
Status Lost

Prior to the release of Pixar's The Incredibles, three online promotional trailers were made. They are titled "First In Line," "Still First in Line," and "First in Line: SOLD OUT." Information online about these shorts is sparse and primarily available through recollections of reviewers since the shorts are no longer accessible from the original Disney site.[1]

According to one recounting, the shorts spoofed typical Hollywood release hype.[2] The first two shorts, "First in Line" and "Still First in Line," are reportedly clips of a male fan of the upcoming film waiting in line. [3] Consensus online holds that these shorts weren't clips from the film; rather, they focused on advertising the premiere date.

These shorts were unexpectedly left off of the DVD and Blu-Ray releases for The Incredibles, much to the chagrin of many reviewers. Since being taken down from the Disney Geek website, the shorts have remained unavailable to the public.


While the shorts themselves are still lost as the remaining download links do not work, the filenames for 2 of the shorts were found: (First in Line)

Incredibles_1stNLine_v2229_0056.wmv (Still First in Line)

Note that the file extensions may be different if references to this filename are found.


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Anonymous user #1

1 months ago
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I'd been first in line for the Incredibles sequel since my discovery of the internet.


26 days ago
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I have the original files, however they can't be played for some reason.

Anonymous user #2

16 days ago
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It seems that it is only a few Bytes. If it was the shorts or audio or video from them they would be in MB, since they would be larger. Have you tried searching your computer or hard drive for any other files that are similar? These may be false duplicates for some reason.


13 days ago
Score 0++


wayback machine got it (the links dont work)
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