The Magic School Bus: Family Holiday Special (found 2nd half of animated special; 1996)

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The Magic School Bus: Family Holiday Special (2nd half)
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Title card.
Status Found
Date found Feb. 20, 2015
Found by Official Dolly Parton

When The Magic School Bus Holiday Special aired in 1996, there was an additional part about the 10th anniversary of the Magic School Bus, hosted by the voice actor of the producer, Malcolm Jamal Warner. As with the original 1994 airing of In the Haunted House and the missing Halloween special, this MSB rarity was uploaded to Vimeo on February 20th, 2015 by Dolly Parton (who did the voice for Murph in the episode) you can watch the entire special below.



The Holiday Special in it's entirety.




13 months ago
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I found a link to the possibly full version of "Cold Feet" on Dailymotion. The file it plays from is kinda buggy. This wasn't the Christmas special though. I used to have this on VHS.

Here's the link: http://www.d...ideo/x32kgno


9 months ago
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Full version has been found by none other than Dolly Parton, the voice of Murph in the episode. Presumably sourced from a master copy.

Anonymous user #1

5 months ago
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I have this recorded off TV, I'll upload it.
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