The Mask II (Cancelled Original Sequel Film Project to "The Mask"; Mid-1990s)

The Mask II
Logo used in Nintendo Power contest.
Logo used in Nintendo Power contest.
Status Cancelled

The Mask was a box-office hit in 1994 and made a genuine star out of Jim Carrey. Getting an animated series and influencing further adaptations (including its original comic book), there were, of course, talks about a sequel, The Mask II, that would have once again featured Carrey, Amy Yasbeck, and be directed by Chuck Russell. It would have come out just a couple of years later.

However, Jim Carrey made it known that he highly disliked playing the same character twice (as it wasn't "challenging" enough), and turned down a salary of 10 million dollars for reprising the role in this hypothetical The Mask II.

A sequel eventually came out in 2005 as Son Of The Mask, which didn't involve Carrey and was critically panned.

Despite this, there is still some possible evidence that footage of the original sequel project had been shot, or at least some media created. Late video game magazine Nintendo Power (issue 77) ran a contest in 1995 where the winner would visit the set of The Mask II and even be an extra. It is unlikely that such a contest would be published without at least some significant production being already achieved.

The winner, Nathan Runk, was contacted by Nintendo Power after Carrey formally declined the role, given the option for either a cash payout ($5,000USD) or waiting for the movie to be made in the future. He chose the former.

In addition, Runk was given a multitude of THQ games, a unique The Mask II crew jacket (that he, unfortunately, can't find anymore), and a phone call from Leslie Swan, the actress who voiced Princess Peach in Super Mario 64.

The final issue of Nintendo Power (#285) included an apology to the winner of the contest: "To whoever won that contest: sorry."





Anonymous user #1

8 months ago
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That's a darn shame. It's probably because the 2nd Ace Ventura film failed that Carrey didn't want to play the same person twice. The Mask 2 would've been a lot better than Son of The Mask. (Which sucked major crap and it was extremely hated by Nostalgia Critic.)

Anonymous user #2

8 months ago
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What could have been, and it's sad seeing because of that crappy son of mask we might not ever get the sequel that was meant to be.

Anonymous user #4

17 days ago
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why does it matter that an unfunny internet character played by an untalented hack hated a movie that nobody likes?

Anonymous user #3

29 days ago
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By the time Jim Carrey refused to reprise his role in The Mask II, the producers should have taken the hint and produce a different film.


14 days ago
Score 1++

Jim Carrey has said in an interview that he would be ready to do a "The Mask" sequel! Maybe there is still hope yet!

Wonder if they'll call again that Nintendo Power winner for a cameo...


6 days ago
Score 0++
Sweet Jesus! There is hope!
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