The Needle Drop (partially found early videos of web series; 2009-2010)

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The Needle Drop (early videos)
The show's logo.
The show's logo.
Status Partially Found

Anthony Fantano, aka "The Needle Drop", is a popular YouTuber who mostly does music reviews. He's had numerous videos taken down from his channel, especially his earlier ones due to them infringing YouTube's copyright policies at the time, including his reviews of Animal Collective, Fever Ray, and Sunn O.


Anthony has stated that many of the deleted videos are no longer in his possession, meaning that the only way these videos can still be found is if someone happened to download his videos before they were deleted and were willing to reupload them; some may be lost forever.




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Actually, it might be a good idea to merge this with the other Needle Drop article (http://lostm...%3B_2010s%29), since both of them are pretty short.


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Good idea
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