The Nostalgia Critic "Face/Off" - Rachel farewell scene (lost footage of online video review; 2014)

The Nostalgia Critic: Face/Off (missing scene)
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Doug Walker is a famous internet film critic who makes humorous video reviews of many movies and shows in his online series The Nostalgia Critic.

In 2014, Doug was shooting an episode for the Nicholas Cage movie Face/ Off, which was supposed to feature a farewell scene for Rachel, one of the characters whose actress left due to opportunities opening up in California.

However, the digitized footage of the shot scene was deleted by accident.

In the episode, it was later replaced by a parody of what had actually happened: the Critic accidentally includes the scene in the folder that contains all the scenes for the holiday special, and then deletes the folder as well as empties the recycle bin.

Doug later announced on Facebook that he had pros look over his computer, but the files were not recoverable. He said that he will have it reshot. In the meantime, behind-the-scenes footage filmed by cast member Malcolm Ray gives fans some idea of what the scene would have looked like.

Doug ending up reshooting the scenes, with his father Barney Walker reprising Tietz's role - the huge difference being acknowledged.



Anonymous user #1

1 months ago
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I watched his review of face off, is that what is missing?

Anonymous user #2

26 days ago
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Read the article. The original version of the scene was accidentally deleted. It had to be reshot.


3 days ago
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One of the videos was deleted
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