The Others (Lost VHS Opening)

The Others Alt. VHS Opening
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The Others is a horror-thriller film starring Nicole Kidman and Fionnula Flanagan, released on August 10, 2001 to positive reviews. The film also grossed $14 million when it first opened, going on to make $218.9 million worldwide and winning numerous accolades, including the Best Film Award at the Goya Awards. Also of interest, The Others was the first time in Goya history that an English-language film without a word of spoken Spanish in it won the top award.

When the home video release came out months later, the rare non-Video Bonus Edition VHS was said to have a lost opening containing previews. Sadly, a copy of this lost opening has yet to turn up online, with the closest alternative being previews on the DVD release.




7 months ago
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Does anybody know anything about the lost opening of The Others? In Australia there was another release on VHS for participating video stores- it was a double feature with Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (I'm not lying). I could go get a copy, since they are easy to find, and watch the opening.

is there anything on the opening?
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