Tokio Hotel (lost various unreleased songs; existence unconfirmed; 2006-2010)

Tokio Hotel (various songs)

Existence Unconfirmed

Status Unknown

Rumors of unreleased songs by German rock band Tokio Hotel appeared on the internet in 2011 when credits for bonus tracks from their 2009 album "Humanoid" were released. As of now it is unknown if these songs were recorded and if they will ever be released. The band themselves have not confirmed their existence, either.

There have also been rumors of several English versions of songs from the band's first two German albums "Schrei" and "Zimmer 483" being recorded but never released, and also unconfirmed to exist, along with some German songs.

Schrei: "The Infinite" - English version of "Undendlichkeit" to be released on "Scream," "Alles wird gelogen," and "Mädchen aus dem All" (not included in Schrei but released on the "Best Of" albums in 2010).

Zimmer 483: "Kalt Einfach," "Willkommen," and "We Stay Forever" - English version of "Wir Sterben Niemals Aus," possibly to be released on their first English language album, "Scream."

Humanoid (recorded in German and English): "Therapy," "Riot in Demand," (supposedly included a duet with an unknown artist) "The End of the World," "Schnee in Meinem Herz," "Du Hast Auch," "Hass uns Begierde" - German version of "Hurricanes and Suns," and "Einmal" - German version of "That Day."




19 days ago
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I remember Tokio Hotel, my bro was listen to these guys. Bill has a silly hair. Memories!
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