Twin Peaks (cancelled NES RPG game; 1991)

Twin Peaks (NES Game)
Status Lost

Twin Peaks is a cancelled 1991 RPG game that was being developed by Hi-Tech Expressions. It was based on the popular ABC TV series of the same name. The game was mentioned in few gaming magazines such as Nintendo Power, GamePro, and Game Players.[1]

The plot of the game would have been based on season 2 of the show, with multiple endings possible depending on which character is played. The player would have the ability to play as one of the main characters from the show and try to solve the mysteries of Twin Peaks. It was originally going to come out in 1991, but was cancelled for unknown reasons.

It's unknown how much work was done on the game if any.


  1. NES list of cancelled NES games including the game. Retrieved 12 February '16.




17 months ago
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its mind-boggling that there's so little information available about Hi-Tech Expressions... All I've been able to find out is that they published several games targeted towards a younger audience, and that's what eventually led to their downfall. They only developed two games themselves, and this game would have brought that count up to three.

The really weird thing is that I can't find any information about the rights to any of HTE's games. I could just be doing a shitty job of searching, but I'm led to believe that the rights are probably in some sort of long-term corporate limbo at this point.

I've also been trying to hunt down the issues that the game was mentioned in, but I've only been able to find two. One was the Mar. '91 issue of Game Players Magazine (which literally only mentions that the game is being made), and the other is GamePro's Pronews Report of Dec. '90 (which I can't access rn bc Internet Archive is doing maintenance lol)

Anonymous user #1

8 months ago
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It's something I really wish was developed and such a great game concept. Nintendo is headquartered in North Bend Washington as well where they shot most the show.

Anonymous user #2

8 months ago
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Wow, wonder how this would've turned out.

Anonymous user #3

6 days ago
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call for help


5 days ago
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Why in the fuck did they think a twin peaks game on the NES would be a good idea. This probably would've been just as controversial as the NES port of chiller should've been.
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