Untitled Fighter "BB" (Unfinished Fighting Game, 1990's)

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Untitled Fighter "BB"
"Title screen".
"Title screen".
Status Unfinished

This untitled fighting game, code-named "BB", was discovered in 2010. The game seems to be in an incredibly early state of development, with only 3 characters (none of whom were finished), one stage, and a garbled title screen. The game was suspected to be a prototype of Martial Champion, because one character was named "Avu" and resembles his counterpart from Martial Champion. Avu was also the most complete of the three characters, of which neither of were in Martial Champion.

Others believe that this is simply an unfinished D-list fighter.





3 months ago
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Considering how incredibly unfinished the game is, we could move this to "Partially Found"
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