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posted 31 days ago

Hi Kokocaht, I saw your comment. The reason I don't have references is that they are not anywhere online. I'm the first to post info on this pilot. I found the info from a You tube Message from a few year back on Mal Heap's you tube channel Modi01 saying how he was getting his video tapes converted. He has a copy of the pilot as well the Goof tapes which he posted to you tube. I downloaded them before they got taken down for copyright because of the music. Also I have a friend Ross Browning who was Blinky Bill and Eric Echidna on the new Adventures of Blinky Bill. In one of our phone calls he talked about The Ferals Pilot and how Ross and Alan Highfield ask Wendy Gray if they could work on the show. Wendy Gray stated she wants new puppeteers to work on the show. Ross also said "Janet was Modi the Cat in the Pilot" confirming thanks to Mal Heap and Ross Browning it's exist. Hope this Info has clear this up for you. MediaTreasureTrove

posted 87 days ago

Thanks for finding me a functional version of Evil Elves 1. I've been looking for it for years because I remember playing it at a very young age and that's why I thought it went lost. I got it to work and put the first gameplay of the game on my YouTube channel and put a link for other people in the description for other who remember the game.

posted 100 days ago

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