Virgul (partially found French animated series; 1988)

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Virgul in the opening credits.
Virgul in the opening credits.
Status Partially Found

Virgul is a French animated series that was originally broadcast in 1988. It was produced by the "Epithete" and Canal + studios, animated by studio Jingle Angoulême and created, directed and written by Franco Milia.

Its total number of episodes is unknown, and each episode is only one-minute long, including opening and ending theme/credits. Because of this, it was also used as filler between shows.


The series was centered on a baby boy called Virgul (named after virgule, meaning "comma") who would crawl out of his cradle each night to have a small adventure. It would usually involve a baby girl who is his love interest, and their pet cat.

There were no dialogues, only gibberish from the two babies, except from Virgul's mother who would call out his name at the end of each episode, prompting him to go back to his cradle before she checks on him.

VHS editions

Back of a Fil à Film VHS tape promoting the bonus Virgul episodes

In the early 1990's, French VHS editor company Fil à Film would often include two episodes of Virgul on a VHS tape that would contain children-oriented entertainment. However, a lot of those VHS tapes have become extremely rare and hard to find. One such tape of old French cartoon Moi Renart, for example, has two exclusive Virgul episodes that are only available to see at the National Library of France.


To this day, 23 episodes of Virgul have been uploaded to YouTube, but it is unknown how many more are left.

Several episodes have also aired in Iran, and some can be seen on the website TeleWebion, that can only be found using the Persian language.

The episodes have no title text: the uploader would typically name the episode after the main theme of the plot.

Update 04-26-2016: New found episodes have been uploaded by the Youtube user Ouaouhles8090ss.

Update 05-04-2016: More 2 episodes added by the same user.


Virgul and the Photo Album.
Virgul and the Love Letter.
Virgul and the Heartbreak.
Virgul and the Fortune Teller.
Virgul Plays Golf.
Virgul and the Cats.
Virgul and the Fireplace.
Virgul Does Maths.
Virgul the Holy.
Virgul the William Tell (Guillaume Tell).
Virgul and the smoke signals.
Virgul the Pétanque player.
Virgul the Magician.
Virgul the Traffic Cop.
Virgul and the armor.
Virgul and the cuckoo clock.
Virgul the Alpinist.
Virgul the Boxer.
Virgul and the fish.
Virgul and the sledge.
Virgul the deep sea diver.






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