Zen-chan Tsū-chan (lost educational anime series; 1969-1970)

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Zen-chan Tsū-chan
Fan recreation drawing.
Fan recreation drawing.
Status Lost

Zen-chan Tsū-chan (ゼンちゃんツーちゃん) is a Japanese educational anime series produced by Jiho Eigasha. It was aired in October 20, 1969 until January 17, 1970 on Nippon TV.[1] Each episode is 5 minutes long.

A 15-minute traffic safety film based on the anime was later released in 1971.


Little else is known about the show; it was mentioned in a newspaper listing and Masako Nozawa was credited as voicing one of the characters.

The show has never had any reruns since 1978 when it last aired on Yomiuri Television.[2]

The PSA film seems to have resurfaced somewhere, as two people allegedly watched it on September 24, 2016[3].

No episodes of the actual anime series have been signalled anywhere, though.






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Why is everything on Nippon TV lost?

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Dunno, Tanooki
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