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UPDATE 2.57! (Added 25 Feb 2017)

Jean-Luc Godard's Une Femme Coquette
Lost Media Chronicles episode 37 (NSFW)
GFM - The Hunt for Cry Baby Lane
Found Ghostbusters deleted scene reels
Keep Off My Grass! poster
"Spot the Diff" Spanish promo image

What's up guys, I'm dycaite, back with another exciting notice board post! You all know the drill by now, so let's get straight into it (and get comfortable, it's a pretty big one):

  • The highly sought-after 1955 Jean-Luc Godard short Une Femme Coquette has (remarkably) surfaced! Godard's first attempt at a narrative-driven film (and what is considered to be the single rarest piece in his entire filmography), the 9-minute Une Femme Coquette was uploaded to YouTube a little over a week ago by YouTuber David Heslin and was reported on two days after by The A. V. Club's Ignatiy Vishnevetsky (which is how we came to learn of the film's unearthing). Huge thanks to both David Heslin for the provision of the film and to Ignatiy Vishnevetsky for making it's presence known! Special thanks also go to Randy for bringing this to my attention, personally. See it for yourself above.
  • Randy has released a new Lost Media Chronicles episode! This time he covers the now-infamous 70s exploitation film Him, a pornographic, homosexual film about Jesus (yes, you read that correctly; NSFW warning should go without saying). Catch it via the above link!
  • TheGamerFromMars has released a new Internet Mysteries episode, co-written by our own BedHead Bernie, on the once-lost Nickelodeon horror film Cry Baby Lane; check it out above (especially if you're unfamiliar with the story, it's definitely one of the most interesting lost-to-found stories out there)!
  • Several lost scenes from the original Ghostbusters have been located! The discovery was made known when Ghost Corps, a production company run by Ivan Reitman and Dan Aykroyd (amongst others) put a photo on Facebook showing the three recently found reels (seen above) While at least one of the reels is believed to contain footage that has already come to light (via DVD releases and the like), there is ONE legendary, never-before-seen clip known as "Fort Detmerring Ghost", a scene depicting a sexual encounter between Ray Stantz and a ghost woman (and given the "Fort Detmerring" label on the reel, it's very likely the scene in question is contained within). Here's hoping this holy grail of lost Ghosbusters media is made publicly available soon, not to mention any other hidden gems that might be on those reels!
  • Keep Off My Grass! has received a DVD release! As of late November of last year, the film has been available on DVD from Amazon, rendering it available on a large scale and therefore found; thanks go to those involved in the release of said DVD and to Reynard for bringing it to our attention!
  • And finally, on a more sombre note, more proof of the "leaked" Chubbuck tape's illegitimacy has come to light, this time courtesy of Lin, the production manager at WXLT at the time (via the aforementioned news director Gordon Galbraith). Lin reiterated that, while copies of the tape were indeed made (but later destroyed), he confirmed that the angle on the real video simply does not match the angle seen in NationSquid's recreation (and yes, there is only ONE recorded angle of this incident). I decided to post a note on this followup as there are still a handful of people out there claiming this to be real, but frankly, I think we have enough evidence now to call this one case closed. My sincere and heartfelt thanks go out to Gordon for not only being willing to discuss this sensitive topic with me, but also for getting in touch with Lin to help disprove the fake, I truly appreciate it; all the best.

That's all for now; catch you guys next time!


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