Monster Magnet "Space Lord" (Lost Explicit Version of Rock Single; 1998)

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"Space Lord" (Explicit)
The single cover of "Space Lord"
The single cover of "Space Lord"
Status Lost

"Space Lord" is a 1998 single by the stoner rock band Monster Magnet, from their album Powertrip. The song was a smash hit on rock radio, peaking at #3 on the Mainstream Rock chart. The song is notable for being the first music video played on MTV Total Request Live.

When the song was first released, A&M Records required the band to remove the line "Space lord, motherfucker" before releasing their album. The word "mother" echoes where the word "fucker" should be.

A full band recording of the "motherfucker" edition has never been released, and is presumably under the control of Universal Music, the successor-in-interest to A&M Records. However, two explicit remixes are known to exist online. The easiest remix to find, the "Intergalactic 7 Remix", is available on international versions of Monster Magnet's Greatest Hits compilation. A second remix, "Monster Bootnet" by Boys Noize, is only available as a bootleg.


"Monster Bootnet" by Boys Noize
The Intergalactic 7 Remix of "Space Lord"
The official video of "Space Lord"



Anonymous user #1

17 days ago
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I love this song, but I had no idea the original actually said "motherfucker." I bought the CD at a pawn shop and it was hilariously censored, especially the song "Tractor." I wonder why they were so stringent with this particular band.

Anonymous user #2

16 days ago
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I saw them live several years ago and they played the song completely uncensored. The singer even said the chorus was actually meant to be "Space lord motherfucker" and that he wanted us all to sing along to how it was meant to sound like.
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